Area of interest

Winform's success is based on meeting consumer needs by offering high quality products in aesthetic dermatology, physiotherapy and veterinary with important and reliable brands.

Physiotherapy and Orthopaedics

WinForm produces electromedical equipments for physiotherapy and orthopedic rehabilitation in synergy between them, born of scientific research, with the aim to solve problems quickly and adequately to the economy of the market. We represent at the best the less invasivity as possible and most feasible physiology, putting tghe man at the center of the result. Our aim is to achieve an integration of chemical, energetic and biomechanical action.

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Aesthetic Medicine and Dermatology

Winform is a company that designs, manufactures and markets electromedical devices. High quality system, ISO 9001:2008 certified and more than 1,000,000 euros of investment in research and development gives the opportunity to present methods of undoubted therapeutic efficacy and economic performance. Our customers in dermatology and aesthetic fields could undretake and develop non-invasive treatments to correct and improve the imperfections.

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Veterinary Physiotherapy

WinForm develops non-invasive rehabilitative systems as an aid in the treatment of the animal: horse, dog and cat. The devices available are: high-dose laser therapy, transdermal vehiculation intra and extra cellular,diathermy and TECAR therapy, cavitational ultrasound and micropulse sequential electrotherapy.

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Phytotherapy in Physiotherapy

The therapeutic method SIT Therapy and Endosit PHYSIO has produced important scientific results and proven on pain symptomatology in both acute and chronic nature, anti-edema action, inflammatory, in the treatment of calcified and fibrotic tissues. The system was registered with the active ingredients of both synthetic base and vegetable origin. Winform Laboratories has designed and produced special cocktail of phyto-compounds for achieving high treatment performance.

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Phytotherapy in Aesthetic Medicine

Winform Laboratories has developed the first line of phytotherapic products dedicated to transdermal delivery, slow and quick release. The phyto-compounds are the result of pharmacological research supported by our clinicians. The range is completed by natural post-treatments such as synergies, creams, shampoos and lotions to integrate and maintain high performances of the dermo-aesthetic method. The products have a high concentration of natural active ingredients.

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