Site help to approach the topic "Cellulite"

Site help to approach the topic "Cellulite":

What is cellulite?

Cellulite, edematous fibro-sclerotic pannicuolpathy (EFSP) is a skin blemishes and is caused by an imbalance at the level of adipose tissue, that is the tissue palced below the skin.. The lipocytes, fat cells, have the function of energy reserve of the organism, a fuel that is burnt in case of need. When diet is unbalanced, the body can not dispose the excess of fat that is accumulated. These lipid accumulation increases over time: the cellulite is in fact characterized by three phases.

  • Edematous - first stage
  • Fibrous - second stage
  • Sclerotic - third / fourth stage

What is edematous cellulite?

Edematous cellulite shows a fluid retention defined edema. The skin doesn’t show yet the sign commonly known as "orange peel" but you start to feel a sense of heaviness in the legs: if you compress the skin with your fingers underneath the skin is slightly clearer. It is easier to fight edematous cellulite when compared to fibrous and sclerotic phases.

What is fibrous cellulite?

In fibrous cellulite we begin to feel affliction at microcirculatory level leading to a less drainage of wastes, capillaries fragility and poor oxygenation. All this leads to the development of fibrous cellulite. The surplus of lipocytes change the skin's appearance and form nodules, commonly called "orange peel skin". There may be telangiectasias that are dilation of small blood vessels.

What is sclerotic cellulite?

Sclerotic cellulite is the last stage of cellulite formation and shows a strong slowdown in the bloodstream and lymphatic flux. The nodules are larger and are often painful to the touch because of scleroris. The circulatory insufficiency and consequent lack of oxygen causes a cooling of the tissue. The skin surface is presented with the typical "mattress" look.

Cellulite can be treated if fighted when it’s in the early stages of formation.