Site help to approach the topic "Melasma"

Site help to approach the topic "Melasma":

What is melasma?

Also called chloasma, melasma occurs mainly on the face in the form of gray-brown irregular spots that may appear on sun-exposed areas.

Causes of melasma formation

The formation of melasma is due to an overproduction of melanin in specific areas: the pigment, accumulating, leads to the development of the spot.

The causes are still under study, and the scientific community is unanimous on attesting a hereditary predisposition to the formation of melasma. This is most likely caused by estrogen or female hormones. Currently it is thought that these hormones stimulate the melanocytes (skin cells) to produce a greater amount of melanin due to sun exposure or tanning beds.

Who is most affected?

Women, especially pregnant (in this case is called mask of pregnancy) or because of taking contraceptive. In case of pregnancy, in the most of the cases, it regress spontaneously. Usually the women affected are fair complexion.

Is Melasma dangerous?

No. It is considered a cosmetic blemish, not to be confused with melanoma (skin cancer).

How can you solve the melasma problem?

With non-invasive methods that disrupt the melanin in excess is deposited in the stratum corneum and block the production in order to avoid recurrence. These methods can be applied with success also for other types of skin spots

Who can treat melasma?

The doctor. He is able to distinguish melasma from other types of skin spot using a special UV light, called Wood's light. This test allows also to understand whether the type of stain is superficial or deep.

Sun exposure

You should not expose yourself to the sun during the treatment until the spot is gone or at least protect the face with a simple hat. You can apply, under doctor advice, high sunscreen protection.