Treatment with Tecar CRV

What is Tecar CRV?

Tecar CRV is a system that offers high performance in a non-invasive and without side effects.

Tecar CRV is a method that uses the combined action of transdermal delivery and radiofrequency to provide biocompatible energy with the cells that composes the tissues and to provide what they need through phytocompounds, active ingredients of vegetal origin.

Alternative to Botulinum Toxin

Tecar CRV represents a real alternative to Botulinum Toxin, to more invasive treatments like Botox and fillers, achieving natural results that improve over time: biostimulation reprograms hydration of tissue reactivating them. The activity triggered by Tecar CRV makes the cells continue to work in this direction, slowing the aging process in a natural way.

Pleasant and relaxing

The patient also does not suffer trauma due to the use of needles, indeed. A treatment session with Tecar CRV is very pleasant and relaxing :the patient feels a slight warmth that pervades the entire face. A treatment ended, the feeling is to have a fresher and firmer face; the result is visible from the first treatment.

It really works

Tecar CRV really works on wrinkles, , but also on other blemishes such as melasma (skin spots), acne and baldness.

The versatility of Tecar CRV allows also to treat larger areas of the body, working successfully on stretch marks, cellulite and localized fat, without abandoning the pleasure and safety of the treatment.

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