Site help approaching the topic "Active Elements"

Site help approaching the topic "Active elements":

What is an active element?

An active element is a particle with medicinal function, the "active" component of drug that exerts curative function.

It can be of natural (for example extracted from plants) or chemical origin. All medicines are composed of various excipients and active elements (harmless components, devoid of any healing activity). In the case of pharmaceutical drugs, the active element in the pill, in the ointment or in the syrup is unique, the excipients are used to store and to maintain it stable and functional for a certain period of time.

In the "natural" medicaments, for example the phytocomplex for phytotherapy, there could be present more than one active element in addition to the excipients.

The formulations of phytocompounds in phytotherapy are very important to exercise an effective healing action. More active elements in the same compound allow to act on several fronts to solve the problem. Moreover, if the phytocomplex is well made, the action of more active principles in synergy with each other is amplified.

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