Site help approaching the topic "Lymphatic System"

Site help approaching the topic "Lymphatic System":

What is the Lymphatic System?

It's the "specialized" part of the circulatory system, a little known but extremely important. It consists of lymphatic vessels, which allow to drain all the body and remove excess fluid that accumulates. It serves to cleanse the body and to bring new lymph in various parts of it. The fluid in excess enter inside of the capillaries, from there the liquid is called “lymph” and once reached specific organs, known as “lymph nodes” the lymph is filtered and "clean" from wastes and from any pathogenic microorganisms.

The “lymph nodes” also produce lymphocytes and macrophages, which are fundamental particles to the immune system: not least, the lymphatic system also has the task of immunological surveillance.

If the lymphatic system, because of disease or lack of muscle movement or both, is not working as it should, the fluid in excess tend to accumulate and stagnate forming the so-called edema. The latter can also be caused by an imbalance of the balance between capillary filtration and reabsorption of fluid.

How to keep alive the lymphatic system?

To keep active the lymphatic system is very useful to undertake physical activity as your muscles act as a "pump" and stimulate the flow of lymph. Even simply walking at a brisk keeps active the lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system can be stimulated mechanically by manual techniques such as Vodder massage or through techniques that use radio-frequency to act at the level of capillaries. These techniques are both very pleasant for the patient.

Are commercially available creams to be applied once or twice per day, containing substances that stimulate lymph in a natural way.

The three systems to increase the work of the lymphatic system give a feeling of lightness and pleasure to forelimbs and to the entire body. These are especially helpful for people who are long standing.

Lymphatic drainage is also very important to prevent and treat the cellulite.

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