Treatment of Cellulite with SIN One

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SIN One is the best method to cure the imperfection of cellulite.

SIN One is suitable both as a method of prevention as a method for resolving cellulite: the harmonic electromagnetic resonance of three therapeutic frequencies allows to act by stimulating the microcirculation and decreasing the volume of the adipocytes. Besides having an effect on the blemishe, then has a positive effect on circulation, giving a feeling of lightness to the legs.

How does the treatment work?

SIN One allows to effect a nice massage on areas prone to cellulite: buttocks, thighs and classic flabby thighs. The patient feels only a slight warm during treatment; making the session also a time to relax during the hectic daily life. The skin is first cleansed with San C and then gently apply the gel specially designed for sliding the handpiece. The handpiece has a weight suitable for acting on the lymphatic system, so as to stimulate the disposal of "slag" from the cells. The deft hand of the operator, together with the ergonomic handpiece, allows for high performance on cellulite.

How long does a treatment session last?

About 40 minutes total, 20 minutes per limb.

How many sessions will provide a complete treatment?

It depends on the type of cellulite:

  • edematous cellulite includes 7 sessions in total, with a weekly frequency
  • fibrotic cellulite includes 10 sessions in total, with a weekly frequency

The protocol provides an integration using daily Dren Up cream: during anti-cellulite treatment apply Dren Up cream in the morning starting from the left leg, massaging from the ankle to the hip, then repeat the process on the right leg.

What are the results with the treatment with SIN One?

The resultant decrease in volume of the circumference of thighs and buttocks. An improvement of the microcirculation and then the health of the lower limbs and body in general.

It is necessary to maintain?

It is important to use Dren Up cream daily, morning and evening. It is appropriate to carry 1 to 3 sessions with Sin One every 4 months. No less important is to follow a proper diet and walk frequently.

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