Treatment with transdermal delivery

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What is transdermal delivery?

Transdermal delivery is a treatment that provides the vehiculation, the absorption of active elements through the skin.

This method is concrete, used for years and the proposals that are in the market ranging from simple moisturizing creams to medical gels and patches for medication.

It is a solution for many types of blemishes, diseases, painful inflammatory conditions etc. . To obtain the desired results, applications should be repeated and the amount of active ingredient used should be proportional to the time of use of the substance.

It is definitely a non-invasive method to feed the cell of substances which are required: it represent a valid and essential route of administration.

This method solves the difficulty in crossing the skin, major organ of protection, that allows the absorbption only of a small percentage compared to what we apply.

The technology of transdermal delivery allows to increase the absorption of active ingredients associating electric pulse low frequency as E-SIT Box or high-frequency as TECAR CRV : these accompany the molecules to be conveyed to reach the area to be treated and have beneficial effects in less time. In addition, the amount of active ingredient to be used is less because it increases the absorption by the body.

To this end, the skin needs to be cleaned with San C prior to treatment so as to remove all particles that are superfluous (the part of the skin which normally exfoliate and what is deposited from the external environment), which impede the passage of molecules to be conveyed. This good practice is dictated by the Italian Dermatologists Association.

Non-invasive and painless method

This method is non-invasive and painless, respecting all tissues, even surface.

It's a safe procedure without side effects.

Transdermal delivery allows that the effectiveness of the active principles conveyed is prolonged: conveying a greater amount of molecules on site, they accumulate in the tissues and spread little at a time ensuring a longer life of the beneficial effect.

The use of medicinal substances or cosmetic topically, associated with the transdermal delivery allows to have very low interaction with the blood circulation, thus reducing the potential gastrointestinal toxicity of the molecules conveyed.

We have proved that if the molecules are conveyed with certain electrical impulses, the cells absorb specific active elements that exert their function by acting on the basis of the disorder. This is a significant step forward and is the solution of many problems related to such recurrences.

This method is effective, has a very high tolerability and is easy to use for the operator. However, you need to follow a few precautions, for both the device and the conveyed molecules. It is actually a medical device and requires staff trained on its operation and the substances that are transmitted must be appropriate.

Basic requirements are:

  • using a suitable means of transport, for instance a current generated by a constant current generator; the signal is constituted by a square wave one-phase modulated by a sinusoidal signal with regard to the transdermal delivery at low frequency.
  • For high frequency vehiculation the signal is alternating unipolar and the voltage values in reference to zero are only positive (or negative). The radio-frequency signal is to 0.48 MHz at pulsed train in duty-cyle to 20%. It’s present squared modular current in duty cycle to 20% in low frequency to 10 Hz.
  • it’s required a proper cleaning of the skin through ozonides with a concentration at least 20%; it’s already on the market a product in spray called San C, to be used prior to any transmission. Apply San C on cotton pads and then rub it (not too strong) on the portion of skin to be treated.
  • a chemical drug reference and then specific for the means of transport. The substances that have to be conveyed must be on water-soluble; for fat-soluble substances the conveyance is not guaranteed; whole active elements are conveyed (they don’t need to be in ionic form).
  • the vehiculation of substances of vegetable origin is better than the one of synthesis compounds because the problems related to allergy are much lower. However, it is always good to consult a doctor or other qualified personnel.

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