Guide to Chronic Pain

Guide to "Chronic Pain":

What is Cronic Pain?

It is an unpleasant sensory experience associated with effective or potential tissue damage. The pain "warns" the organism after the damage but if the pain persists, it establishes a mechanism that brings the pain stimulus to last.

Difference between chronic and acute pain

Chronic pain persists for a period exceeding three months, while the acute pain can last for a very short time up to three months, not more.

How many people are affected by chronic pain?

In Italy are mainly affected people aged between 45 and 65. In most cases the pain is due to chronic backache and joint pain.

What are the effects of prolonged pain?

Definitely it makes worse quality of life and can lead to dangerous periods of immobility which gradually, passing the time, are more difficult to solve. For this reason it is advisable to overcome this problem as soon as it presents itself and also the prevention plays a fundamental role.

What treatments are used?

Pharmacological therapy is used very frequently. However, data of 2012 show that both doctors and patients are not satisfied with this kind of therapy. These data reflect how the drugs used are not adequate to solve the chronic pain.

What therapies have positive effects on chronic pain?

In order to make an adequate therapy are required the medical history and aproper diagnosis by the doctor. Then, you can apply methods that allow you to find relief without being invasive and without side effects like drugs. For example, laser therapy allows you to find relief from pain after a short time after treatment. It acts at the level of inflammation which lasts in time. It also allows you to resolve the edema formed due to the inflammatory state.