Diathermy, Ultrasound

LAB Therapy

LAB Therapy

Device for diathermy and ultrasound therapy

LAB THERAPY is a medical devices that uses diathermy and ultrasounds with frequency 1 MHz.


CE 0051

LAB THERAPY is a medical device intended to be used by medical staff and/or physiotherapists (D.M. 1994 n ° 741, Italian law) for the application of diathermy treatments and ultrasound for the treatment of inflammatory statesn involving the skeletal muscle apparatus.


Lab Therapy


Duty Cycle

Pulsed in Duty Cycle

It uses pulsed emissions in Duty Cycle and in continuous mode. The Duty Cycle mode gives a higher ultrasonic emission peak generated with a therapeutic latency in order to keep the temperature more stable, increasing the result of the therapy.


Ergonomic transducer

The ergonomic transducer is designed for long use in total comfort. It can be used, by appliying the gel, directly on the skin or into the waterTrasduttore ergonomico

Bipolar handpiece

The bipolar handpiece is designed for applications of diathermic therapies.



Manipolo bipolare

Bipolar handpiece for diathermy

Bipolar handpiece for diathermic therapy


LAB THERAPY is a device designed and produced according to D.L. 93/42/CEE, Directive 2007/47/CE and applicable safety regulations:

CEI EN 60601-1:2007-5
CEI EN 60601-1-2:2007
CEI EN 60601-2-2: 2009+ EN 60601-2-2/A11:2011 (as applicable)
CEI EN 60601-1-6:2006
CEI EN 14971:2012
CEI EN 62366:2007
CEI EN 60601-2-5:2000 (clause 36)
CEI EN 61689:2009
IEC 62304:2006

Power supply

Extrnal Power Supply SWD120 430

Primary : 230 va.c 50hz 1.2° 276VA

Secondary : 30 Vd.c 4,0A 120VA

Mains voltage : 230 Vac

Frequency: 50-60 Hz

Nominal Power:120 VA


230 V a.c. 50 Hz 0.450° 52W

30Vd.c 1.3° 39VA

Electrical safety

Class II type BF (Device Class II with external power supply)



frequency: 480 kHz Continuous


Frequency : 480 kHz modulated 10 Hz - Duty cycle 80%

Transdermal vehiculation

Frequency : 480 kHz modulated 10 Hz - Duty cycle 90%


Acoustic frequency of work: 1,030 Mhz+/-30Khz

Acoustic intensity: da 0 – 3 W/cm2 with step of 0.2 W/cm2

Type of emission:


Pulsed ½ (rectangular50 hz)

Pulsed 1/5 (rectangular 20 hz)




Classified as applied parts of type BF

ERA: 1 Mhz head: 3,3 cm2

Non-uniformity rate of the beam (BNR)

1 Mhz head: 4,6

Type of beam: parallel waves

Maximum power: 1 Mhz = 10W

1 Mhz head

Weight : 140 gr +/- 20gr.

Heads suitable to immersion for one hour in a row


10 Watt on charge of 100 ohm



160X110X110 (h) mm


1 Kg (only the device)

User interface

Naviwinform 5 buttons


5,7” black / white

Operating conditions

Ambient temperature : +10° - +40°

Atmospheric pressure: from 700 hPa to 1060 hPa

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Winsonic Gel

Winsonic Gel

Ultrasound gel in 1000 gr bottle. Create a perfect contact between the skin and the transducer in order to improve the electrical conductivity. Not dirty, not irritant, soluble in water, easily removed with a towel.