Diathermy, Vehiculation

Tecar 905 CRV

Tecar 905 CRV

Tecartherapy and vehiculation transdermal

It is a medical device for resistive and capacitive diathermy (tecar therapy) characterized by therapeutic transfer, reliability and effectiveness. Furthermore, its specific signal allows transdermal delivery treatments. TECAR 905 CRV application field includes sports medicine, rehabilitation more than pain management.


It's a medical device composed of endogenous diathermy radiofrequency and transdermal delivery able to carry out a transepidermal molecular transport action.

It uses SIVSEA as evaluation system, revealing, in real time, the emitted and absorbed energy data. It advises both on the display and acoustically the maximum energy diffusion through liquids reducing the 90% of the signal peak and controlling the thermal effect.


The ergonomic handpieces use biocompatible and sterilizable steel for the treatment in diameters of 35 and 55 mm as delivery surface.


Modulo Veicolazione Transdermica

Transdermal Delivery Mode

Combined action of diathermy and rapid release vehiculation. It allows the operator to use electroporation with high absorption density, necessary for pathologies in acute and chronic phase. It emits monopolar pulses at 480 kHz and 10 Hz, allowing the operator to choose the depth of the tissues to be crossed up to the desired spot.

Modulo Capacitiva Superficiale

Superficial Capacitive Reactance Mode

After having set the device, it allows energy to propagate on superficial tissues. It is used for skin and muscle tissues in order to obtain oxygenation and lymphodraining.

Modulo Resistiva Profonda
Deep Resistive Reactance Mode

After having set the device, it allows energy to propagate on deep and more resistant tissues. It achieves a stimulation of skin, myofascial, muscle and osteoarticular tissues.



TECAR 905 CRV is a device that uses the physical principle of the condenser in endogenous radiofrequency with operating processes for superficial and deep tissues, and transdermal delivery. The range of devices is composed of four equipment able to combine the different operating processes.



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