Tecar CR

Tecar CR

Tecartherapy (radio frequency) with energy management and evaluation system

Method associated: Tecartherapy for imperfections of body and face.

It uses the physical principle of the capacitor with the control and measurement of voltage, current and resistance, quantifying the energy in Joules per cm2 absorbed by the tissue allowing the operator to log the therapies. The requirement medical care through a physical principle requires the quantification of the treatment, making it statistically reproducible over time. The device allows you to use handpieces monopolar and bipolar.

The first and the one

We wanted to redesign the way we do Tecartherapy giving you the ability to quantify, monitor and visualize the energy absorbed by the body in different anatomical layers, giving the real-time value of homeostasis of the patient.


The global therapy

  1. Systemfor detecting thedrivingbody

  2. Current generatormultiwavevariable voltage

  3. Form Tecartherapy surface capacitive and resistive deep

  4. Form delivery in double frequency in contemporary conveyance

  5. System of detection and quantification of bodily tension

  6. System of detection and quantification of conducting body

  7. Measurement system absorbed energyin Joules

  8. Measurement system homeostasis electric body

  9. Module for detection of body temperature

  10. Module for detecting moisture

Evolution Technology


Tecar CR is a method that uses the physical principle of the capacitor radio frequency endogenous with operating modes for superficial tissues deep. The range of instruments consists of four products, able to combine the different operating modes.

Tecar CR is an advanced technology, using a logic computer for storage and control of data that flow from control systems and energy supply, microprocessor Arm 9 TFT display 10.2 "high- definition display and setting parameters, the high connectivity conduction occurs with USB connections and multi-pole connectors dedicated. 


Modulo Capacitiva Superficiale

Modulo Resistiva Profonda

Module Superficial Capacitive reactance 

It allows the use of this form through the instrument setup, allowing the energy to propagate in tissue surface. It is used on the skin tissue and muscle to achieve oxygenation and lymph drainage. 




Reactance module Resistive Deep 

It allows the use of this form through the instrument setup, allowing the energy to spread to the deep tissues or more resistant. It gets a stimulation of skin tissue, myofascial, muscle, osseoarticolari. 




Control system 

It is the first Tecartherapy able to quantify the energy absorbed in Joules per cm2 putting in the healthcare provided to quantify the dose of energy suitable to be applied to the care you want.

This technology creates a sea change by placing different parameters on the use and application of physical principles of radiofrequency applied to the body for a therapeutic process 

The ergonomic handpieces

The ergonomic handpieces using steel AISI biocompatible and sterilisable for the treatment in the diameters of 30 and 60 mm as dispensing surface, while the handpiece evaluative W200 allows measurements of the amount of water in the tissues, degrees centigrade and 1 to 400 magnification microscope for the display.

Manipolo Corpo Tecar CRV

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