Diathermy, Vehiculation

Tecar CRV - 200 W

Tecar CRV - 200 W

Quantifies and manages the energy with evaluation system

Associated method: radio frequency, diathermy and transdermal delivery

It uses the physical principle of the capacitor with the control and measurement of voltage, current and resistance, quantifying the energy in Joules per cm2 absorbed by the tissue allowing the operator to protocol the therapy. The medical need for a cure through physical principle requires the quantification of the treatment, making it statistically reproducible over time.

CE 0051


First and Only

We wanted to redesign the Tecartherapy treatment giving to the user the possibility to control, manage and quantify the energy absorbed by the body in the different anatomical layers, giving the real-time value of homeostasis of the patient.


The global therapy

  1. Detection system of body conduction
  2. Multi-wave current generator with variable voltage
  3. Tecartherapy module capacitive surface and resive deep
  4. Erogation module in dual frequency in contemporary for vehiculation
  5. System of detection and quantification of body tension
  6. System of detection and quantification of body conduction
  7. System for measuring the energy absorbed in Joules
  8. System for measuring the electrical body homeostasis
  9. Module for detection of body temperature
  10. Module for of detection body humidity

Advanced Technology

Tecar CRV is a fully-developed technology that uses a logic computer for storage and control of data flowing from the control systems and energy supply, with microprocessor ARM 9, TFT 10.2" high definition display for visualizations and the setting of parameters, the connectivity is with USB connections and dedicated multipin connectors.




Control System

Sistema di Controllo Tecar CRV 200 W

It’s the firts radio-frequency abel to quantify in Joule per cm2 the energy absorbed by the body2 putting the user in the position to be able to quantify the energy dosage suitable to be applied to the care required.

This technology creates an epochal change by putting different parameters on the use and application of the physical principles of radiofrequency applied to the body for a therapeutic process.


Tecar CRV displays all the parameters of emission and response, monitoring in an active and immediate way the propagation of energy through the body, correcting the excessive thermal effects. (patent SIVSEA.

Tecar CRV uses SCE system that allows to view and configure the real and nominal energy of the body, necessary to calculate the correct energy output. (patent SCE).


Data Collection

Rilevamento Dati

Data detection system, through the evaluative handpiece W200, allows the operator to control the treatment by photographing the area to be treated before, during and after the treatment.

The the evaluative handpiece also allows to measure the amount of water in the tissues, degrees Celsius and microscope from 1 to 400 magnification for the display.

Temperatura e Umidità

Tecar CRV displays the temperature of the treated tissue and the amount of water present in the tissues.


Ergonomic Hand-pieces

The ergonomic handpieces use stainless AISI steel, biocompatible and sterilizable for the treatment in the diameters of 30 mm and 60 mm as the delivery surface, while the diagnostic handpiece W200 allows measurements of the amount of water in the tissues, Celsius degrees and microscope from 1 to 400 magnifications for the display.

Manipolo Corpo Tecar CRV


The system displays and stores the data collected to be included in the medical record.

The operator can choose the operating mode for the superficial/deep tissues and to convey active elements by the intra and extracellular way.

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Handpiece W200

Handpiece W200

Handpiece for storing images before, during and after treatment. Measurement of the temperature and the amount of water present in the tissues during treatment.