Diathermy, Vehiculation, Shock Wave

Tecar SIN - 200 W

Tecar SIN - 200 W

Synergy of Tecartherapy, transdermal delivery and pressure wave

Tecar SIN is the first medical device, unique in its kind, able to control, manage in synergy and quantify Tecar radio frequency, transdermal delivery and the pressure wave by applying them to biological tissue

Tecar SIN can be started in mode Tecar CRV and SIN.

CE 0051

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Dr. S. Lain, physiotherapist, illustrates the protocol for "supraspinatus tendonitis" with Tecar SIN.


Synergy: the new concept of instrumental therapy

Tecar SIN represents in the medical field the synergistic result of the union of three proven methods now recognized clinically effective :

  • Tecartherapy
  • Pressure Wave
  • Transdermal delivery


With energy transfer system that uses deep or superficial radio frequency at 480 KHz with diathermic effect.

Pressure Wave

Generated using ultrasound at a frequency of 3 MHz with high peak power.

Transdermal delivery

A current at 10 Hz which facilitates, together with the other techniques mentioned above, the transdermal delivery of a drug or a phytocompound with appropriate molecular weights.

But the novelty that makes this device a real technological revolution within electromedical is given by the possibility of issuing simultaneously and perfectly in sync the three wavelengths above mentioned.

Manipolo Tecar SIN

The new Tecar SIN handpiece offers the option of treatments without neutral plate as the two poles (-) negative and positive (+) are perfectly integrated into the handpiece.

You can still operate in classic mode with neutral plate. The device automatically detects the presence or absence of the neutral plate.


Control System

Display Tecar SIN

It’s the firts radio-frequency abel to quantify in Joule per square centimeter the energy absorbed by the body2 putting the user in the position to be able to quantify the energy dosage suitable to be applied to the care required.

This technology creates an epochal change by putting different parameters on the use and application of the physical principles of radiofrequency applied to the body for a therapeutic process.


Tecar SIN displays all the parameters of emission and response, monitoring in an active and immediate way the propagation of energy through the body, correcting the excessive thermal effects (patent SIVSEA).

Tecar SIN uses SCE system that allows to view and configure the real and nominal energy of the body, necessary to calculate the correct energy output (patent SCE).

We can translate into clinical practice and demonstrate the extraordinary therapeutic effects produced by SIN on different Tecartherapy diseases where you need to interact with biological tissue at the energetic level, mechanical and chemical.


Data collection

Rilevamento Dati

Data detection system, through the evaluative handpiece W200, allows the operator to control the treatment by photographing the area to be treated before, during and after the treatment.

The the evaluative handpiece also allows to measure the amount of water in the tissues, degrees Celsius and microscope from 1 to 200 magnification for the display.


Physiotherapy treatments

Tecar SIN has excellent results on the following diseases:
  • Muscolar lesions
  • Adductor enthesopathy (pubalgia)
  • Baker's cyst
  • Chronic tendinopathy
  • Calcifications
  • Epicondylitis
  • Rotula tendinitis
  • Heel spurs, plantar and achillea
  • Tendonitis
  • Shoulder painful syndrome
  • Chronic pain
  • Fractures with healing delay

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Handpiece W200

Handpiece W200

Handpiece for storing images before, during and after treatment. Measurement of the temperature and the amount of water present in the tissues during treatment.