TECAR Box Three

TECAR Box Three

For an energetic activity on deep and superficial cells

Tecar BOX is the high-frequency therapeutic method (diathermy) that speed the process of pharmacological absorption, by transepidermal way with intercellular path, of elements with high molecular weight. This occurs by diffusion in the extracellular fluid with a homogeneous medium from the point of view of the chemical composition. The intracellular way facilitates the penetration of the substance through the help of an external action, the electrical pulse.

CE 0051

Tecar BOX performs an energy activity both on surface and deep cells, obtaing an endogenous biostimulation by activating body's electrolyte charges.


The intense movement of charges is for 480,000 times per second, generating an hyperactivity of the cells by absorbing and dissipating energy to the surrounding tissues.

Tecar BOX emits monopolar pulses at 480 kHz and 10 Hz allowing the operator to decide the depth of the tissues to cross, until the required site.

Tecar BOX reaches and maintains the maximum comfort for the patient thanks to impedancemeter system that monitors, adapts and stabilizes the energy signal.

Tecar BOX is designed to adapt in real time to the changes in the tissues crossed.


Transdermal Delivery Mode

The effective pharmacological administration routes are different. The transepidermal way, using electroporation, is the method of administration that had the best technological development thanks to the considerable research funds invested that proved its effectiveness and indispensability in the cure of many diseases.

This method uses the principles of sanitary physic which take in correlation the type of pulse, the amount of pulses, the impedance and Δ (delta) maintaining the signal stable, regardless the tissues crossed. The behavior of this electrical signal eliminate the ionization of tissues and molecules by using the electroporation system with intra and extra-cellular ways.


    • Operate without the use of needles thus overcoming the typical psychosis of patient treated with this aid
    • Greater efficiency on vehiculation of active principle never found until now.
    • The advantage of treating large areas during the same treatment keeping the quality of the transfer throughout the duration of therapy.
    • Lesser quantity of active principle necessary.
    • More local concentration of active principle.
    • Faster action.
    • Quicker achievement of the result.
    • Prolonged action of active principle efficacy.

Therapeutic effects

The main therapeutic effects treated by Tecar Box 3 concern:

        • Backache
        • Ankle sprain
        • Muscle lesions
        • Tendinitis
        • Distensions and contusions
        • Tendinopathies



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