WS2 Therapy

WS2 Therapy

Double frequency ultrasound

Ultrasound therapy for physiotherapic rehabilitation and orthopedics with semi-cold system double frequency from 1 to 3 MHz and dedicated ergonomic transducer.

CE 0051

Frequency 1 and 3 MHz

It generates two different frequency bands that can be used independently for differentiated absorption into body tissues : 1 MHz is the optimum frequency for soft tissue and deep ones (tendon), 3 MHz is the optimum frequency to be absorbed by superficial tissues such as skin and subcutaneous tissues until lipocite. After choosing the optimal frequency, the device will check the ultrasound answers and keep them stable during the treatment.

Ws2 Therapy


Duty Cycle

Pulsed in Duty Cycle

It use duty cycle and continuous mode pulsed emission. The duty cycle mode allows a higher ultrasound peak emission generated by WS2 with a therapeutic latency in order to take more stable the temperature increasing the therapy outcome.


Ergonomical hand-piece

The ergonomical hand-piece transducers are designed for an extended use in total comfort. They are applicable with gel directly onto the skin or in the water.

Trasduttore ergonomico


Therapeutic effects

The main therapeutic effects treated by WS2 concern:

  • Shoulder tendinitis
  • Carpal Tunnel syndrome
  • Subacromial bursitis
  • Shoulder impingement syndrome
  • Chronic pain
  • Delayed consolidation of fractures

The therapeutic processes are registered and guarantee the right energy administration; the staff qualified for the use of the device is MD; it is recommended to carry out an eco-guided laser treatment in order to perfectly have the control of the modified stimulated tissues.


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Winsonic Gel

Winsonic Gel

Ultrasound gel in 1000 gr bottle. Create a perfect contact between the skin and the transducer in order to improve the electrical conductivity. Not dirty, not irritant, soluble in water, easily removed with a towel.