Customized electrostimulation for beauty




ReTone has many protocols to ounteract the most common body imperfections and flaccidity, among which those dedicated to toning and sculpting stand out. It also offers the possibility to create custom protocols storable in a USB stick, dedicated to the specific needs of each of your customers.

MFT Multy Frequency Training system

It is the innovative stimulation system developed by Winform. Through a frequency scan it allows the recruitment of a greater number of muscle fibers allowing a better toning.

When use ReTone

ReTone is a system without any contraindication that activates, thanks to its intelligent electrostimulation system, the work of muscle fibers to counteract imperfections and flaccidity.

Proven results

ReTone, proven results of greater intensity. Thanks to his deep and wide-ranging work, 20 minutes of ReTone correspond to 3 hours of intense physical activity.




Fields of application

Library of completely customizable programs:
Inner thigh tone - External thigh tone - Gluteous tone - Gluteous sculpture - Gluteous firming - Arms firming - Arms tone - Breast sculpture - Breast firming - ABS sculpture



4 individually programmable output channels allow the treatment of multiple facial and body imperfections.



The touch screen is extremely simple, with intuitive menus that allow he operator to control quickly all the functions.
It shows the basic information of each program, allowing a faster and more intuitive navigation.



The device can be used with pre-gelled electrodes 5x5 cm and 9x5 cm size.

Design & Innovation

ReTone is built with biocompatible materials to guarantee the maximum safety for operator and client. The ceramic coating is hygienic and easy to clean.

Thanks to the lightness obtained through the use of lightweight but extremely robust materials, the stand on wheels with a refined and modern design allows you to move ReFace inside the center in a simple way.



Thanks to its GRAPHIC Touch Screen the use of ReTone is really intuitive and easy.

Safety guaranteed

ReTone has security systems that actively intervene in case of energy overdose to the patient, by eliminating any kind of errors.
Security is guaranteed by a “watch dog” system which constantly monitors that the software is working properly.



  • Outputs
    4 indipendents
  • Frequency
    1 Hz - 2 KHz
  • Pulses duration
    30 - 990 ms
  • Signals availables
    Square biphasic compensated
  • Dimensions
    cm 46x46x96 H
  • Weight
    10 Kg
  • Beauty device
    Complies with Interministerial Decree No. 206 of 10/15/2015, Italian Law