Portable ShockWave Dual Power.


ShockWave Dual Power is a patented device that generates a synergistic stimulus of Shockwave, Tecar and Transdermal Delivery.
Portable ShockWave Dual Power


ShockWave Dual Power is the innovative device for shockwave therapies focused on patented SHOCKDUAL® and SHOCKFOCUS® multimodal approach.

ShockWave Dual Power synergy of treatment determines an optimal biological process drawing water molecules present in the body in the treated area, allowing the shock wave to implode and spread in the ideal environment.

ShockWave Dual Power is the only focused sound wave equipment, completely painless, that allows the variation in the number and the depth power of the energy shot measured in Joule.

ShockWave Dual Power can detect any modification and tissue absorption levels while providing the operator with reliability on repeatable results.

ShockWave Dual Power allows the treatment of calcifications, fibrotic tissues, capsulitis, tendinopathies, enthesopathies and calcaneal spines without pain for the patient.


Design & Innovation


ShockWave Dual Power is equipped with patented SHOCKDUAL® handpieces for the synergic emission of Acoustic Wave, Tecar and Transdermal Delivery and is equipped with specific heads aimed at treating small, medium and large areas. Moreover, the SHOCKFOCUS® handpiece will allow highly selective and extremely focused treatments.

Design & Innovation
Design & Innovation
Design & Innovation




The patented SHOCKDUAL®handpiece is the epitome of technology and design.
The Multimodal Shockwave technology treatment head is a new and revolutionary Winform Medical Engineering shockwave system with synergetic action for a deep and
painless treatment.
Integrated system for the detection and transmission of all data pertaining to the cutaneous (skin) impedance
and the measurement of the energy level absorbed by the patient (joule control system).
Luminous feedback indicating correct contact and flawless treatment execution. Ergonomic handle and soft-touch surfaces. The protective casing offers great resistance to shocks and impacts.



SHOCKFOCUS® handpiece is a handpiece specifically conceived for applying focused shockwaves.
The distinctive shape of the contact surface allows to deliver extremely selective and precise treatments
while constantly maintaining the pressure of the flow.
It also allows to effortlessly reach those anatomical areas which are normally harder to treat with traditional
Ergonomic handle and soft-touch surfaces. The protective casing offers great resistance to shocks and impacts.



ShockWave Dual Power uses and displays two basic parameters to manage and understand tissue-induced effects.

Display & Interface

Customized programs

Treatments can be set by choosing the appropriate protocol from the library divided by treatment. The operator can create customized ones and save them in the device memory.


10.2" color TFT display that allows the operator to view all the useful parameters during treatment.

Safety guaranteed

ShockWave Dual Power has security systems that actively intervene in case of energy overdose to the patient, by eliminating any kind of errors.
Security is guaranteed by a “watch dog” system that constantly monitors the software working properly.

Display & Interface
Display & Interface


  • Diathermic Power
    120 Watt - 350 W peak peak
  • Maximum Pressure Power
    9 Watt/cm2
  • Display
    TFT 10,2"
  • Dimensions
    cm 35x25x28 H
  • Weight
    15 Kg
  • Medical Device
    Class IIb according to 93/42/CE