LAB Therapy


The first portable and professional platform that contains TECAR, ultrasound and transdermal delivery.
LAB Therapy


LAB THERAPY is a compact and portable device that, despite its small size, allows the operator to perform 3 kid of treatments (TECAR, transdermal delivery and ultrasound).

LAB THERAPY stimulates connective tissue, providing structural and metabolic support to tissues and organs, allowing the conveyance of active ingredients of plant origin.

The frequency of LAB THERAPY transducer is 1Mhz, as low frequency ultrasonic waves have a greater penetration power in the tissues.




Connections control

If the handpiece is inadvertently disconnected during the treatment, the device will automatically stop delivering, displaying a warning screen that will disappear when it is correctly plugged in.

Design & Innovation

The device automatically recognizes the type of handpiece connected (for TECAR/transdermal delivery or ultrasound), without the need to set new parameters each time.

The device has been designed to be handy and compact.

It is contained in a small size case that makes it easily portable.

Suitable for those who move on a daily basis in the sports field or to perform home-based therapies.

Display & Interface

Display & commands

The user interface consists of a 5.7" display and of a Navimec keyboard.
By simply pressing the keys the user can navigate within the device menu and control the intensity of the treatment.


A series of easy-to-read icons allows the operator to set up each therapy quickly and easily.

Display & Interface


  • Power
    60 W peak-to-peak
  • Frequency - Resistive
    480 KHz continuous
  • Frequency - Capacitive
    480 KHz modulated 10 Hz Duty Cycle 80 %
  • Frequency - Capacitive with transdermal delivery
    480 KHz modulated 10 Hz Duty Cycle 90 %
  • Ultrasound
    1,030 MHz +/- 30 KHz
  • Output
  • Display
  • Dimensions
    160x110x110 mm
  • Weight
    1 Kg
  • Medical Device Classification
    Class IIb according to 93/42/CE