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TecarCRV is an excellent process of ENDOGENOUS electrobiostimulation of the tissues. It produces the increase of the temperature that activates the metabolic system and involves the main processes of cellular metabolism.


Through the ELECTRONIC MASSAGE KIT energy is being conveyed exclusively to the patient. It is the only device which allows a simultaneous action of the two bipolar handpieces specifically conceived for the massage with continuous control of the energy flow for an unprecedented safety action.

Non invasive

NEEDLELESS INJECTION Thanks to the TECAR CRV impulse, all active, hydro soluble substances such as O3 Oxygen are being delivered directly into the treated cells, thus originating a proper process of skin rejuvenation.





TecarCRV uses and displays two basic parameters to manage and understand tissue-induced effects (SCE and SIVSEA).



The device can be configured with 5 different handpiece kits to meet the needs of each client (monopolar kit, bipolar kit, massage kit, IBS4 handpiece and W200 handpiece for skin evaluation).

Design & Innovation

Tecar CRV is built with biocompatible materials to guarantee the maximum safety for operator and patient. The ceramic coating is hygienic and easy to clean.

The stand on wheels, with a refined and modern design, allows Tecar CRV to be moved inside the center in a simple way thanks to the lightness obtained through the use of lightweight yet extremely robust materials.



10.2" color TFT display that allows the operator to view all the useful parameters during treatment.
Intuitive Software that allows to preselect the treatment typology according to the protocols studied by WinForm

Safety guaranteed

TecarCRV has security systems that actively intervene in case of energy overdose to the patient, by eliminating any kind of errors.
Security is guaranteed by a “watch dog” system which constantly monitors that the software is working properly.



  • Power
    200 Watt
  • Diathermy frequency
    480 Khz
  • Display
    TFT 10,2"
  • Dimensions
    cm 35x25x28 H
  • Weight
    10 Kg
  • Medical Device
    Class IIb according to 93/42/CE