Tecar SIN 200

The only system that combines Tecar, Transdermal Delivery and Ultrasound
Tecar SIN 200


Tecar SIN 200 is the first device that generates a synergic pulse of Tecar, Transdermal Delivery and Ultrasound.

Tecar SIN 200 combines the Physical Effect of Tecar, the Mechanical Effect of the Ultrasound and the Chemical effect of the Transdermal Delivery.

Tecar SIN 200 is the only device that reads and quantifies the energy (in Joule) absorbed from the organism with a Bioimpedentiometry reading system, giving the operator a feedback on the effect of the treatment in real time.

Tecar SIN 200 stimulates connective tissue, activating a ionic current (electrolytic), capable of triggering a biostimulation with a consequent anti-inflamatory and repair natural processes.





Tecar SIN 200 uses and displays two basic parameters to manage and understand tissue-induced effects. SIVSEA and SCE are part of Winform International Patents that the device owns, capable of evaluating 200 times per second the variations of the biologic tissue's electric parameters.



The device is equipped with Bipolar and Monopolar handpieces (with neutral plate) with different sizes, allowing the operator to treat different areas of the body.

Design & Innovation

Tecar SIN 200 is made of biocompatible materials to ensure the maximum safety to operator and client. The ceramic-paint is hygienic and easy to clean.

Thanks to W200 handpiece, it is possible to display and memorize (before and after the treatment) temperature and moisture data of the treated tissue, detecting them through a photograph with magnification up to 200X.

The stand on wheels, made of sophisticated and modern design, allows the operator to move simply the device within the center thanks to the lightness achieved through the use of lightweight but extremely strong materials.

Display & Interface


10.2" TFT color display that allows the operator to view all the useful parameters during the treatment.
The software is intuitive and allows a quick setting of the treatment parameters.

Safety guaranteed

Tecar SIN 200 has security systems that actively intervene in case of energy overdose to the patient, by eliminating any kind of errors.
Security is guaranteed by a "watch dog" system that constantly monitors the software working properly.

Data treatment storage

Photos storage system with W200 handpiece for an immediate visualization on the display and for the creation of a customized client library, accessible on any PC.

Display & Interface


  • Power
    130 Watt absorbed; 350 W peak peak
  • Diathermy frequency
    480 Khz
  • Ultrasound frequency
    3,25 MHz ± 30 KHz
  • Ultrasound Type of Emission
    Pulsed ½
  • Display
    TFT 10,2"
  • Dimensions
    350x250x280 mm
  • Weight
    10 Kg
  • Medical Device Classification
    Class IIb according to 93/42/CE