WS2 Therapy


Portable and professional Ultrasound device
WS2 Therapy


WS2 is an ultrasound that can handle, with two different transducers, 1 MHz and 3 MHz frequencies. It will always be the therapist, after a deep evaluation of the injury, to decide which is the best frequency to be used.

WS2 is a small and compact device that can provide great performance for home and outpatient treatments. The ease of use, combined with high performance, makes WS2 a professional device, but at the same time simple and intuitive.

WS2 has a therapeutic effect of considerable intensity due to its antalgic action associated with relaxation of the perilesional muscles. It also combines an optimal tissue repair level for ultrasound-induced anti-inflammatory, analgesic and vasodilatory effects.




Connections control

If the handpiece is inadvertently disconnected during the treatment, the device will automatically stop delivering, displaying a warning screen that will disappear when it is correctly plugged in.


Temperature control

In case of overheating, the device will block the delivery, while maintaining the total safety for the patient.

Design & Innovation

The device has been designed to be handy and compact.

It is contained in a small size case that makes it easily portable.

Suitable for those who move on a daily basis in the sports field or to perform home-based therapies.

Display & Interface

Display & commands

The user interface consists of a 5.7" display and of a Navimec keyboard.
By simply pressing the keys the user can navigate within the device menu and control the intensity of the treatment.


A series of easy-to-read icons allows the operator to set up each therapy quickly and easily.


The software allows to manage and set the signals in continuous mode (when you want to get thermal effects) and pulsed in Duty Cycle mode (to reduce the thermal effect while maintaining the mechanical effect unchanged).

Display & Interface


  • Work acoustic frequency
    1,030 MHz - 3,25 MHz +/- 30 KHz
  • Acoustic intensity
    from 0 to 3 W/cm2 , with step of 0.2 W/cm2
  • Type of emission
    CW - 1/2 - 1/5
  • Time
    from 0 to 30 minutes, with step of 30 seconds
  • Output
  • Display
  • Dimensions
    160x110x110 mm
  • Weight
    1 Kg
  • Medical Device Classification
    Class IIb according to 93/42/CE