HighTherapy 5 Chronic

The world’s first patented laser that integrates more wavelengths into a single “jumbo core” optical fiber.


HighTherapy 5 Chronic is a laser device able of generating low-energy dose and high peak power, allowing the cell to absorb the energy delivered (Joule).

HighTherapy 5 Chronic emits energy respectively with 5 wavelengths, involving all reference chromophores in the spectrum ranging from hemoglobine to proteins.

HighTherapy 5 Chronic revolutionizes the practice of laser therapy by accelerating repair and biostimulation processes, maximizing the biological effect and transmitting the therapeutic effect beyond 5 cm depth.

HighTherapy 5 Chronic is the most powerful multiwavelength laser in the world. It allows the operator to expand the treatment target both in the restoration of the anatomical structures and in the functional recovery phase.

HighTherapy 5 Chronic is the first laser that work by area and size (small, medium and large): 10 minutes of treatment correspond in practice to a whole muscular kinetic chain.




Laser source self-diagnosis system with feedback to the operator

The system verifies in real time the efficiency of laser sources, to ensure efficient and effective treatments. Any anomaly is reported to the user in real time.


Cooling system

The device has an innovative cooling system, designed by Winform Medical Engineering, which allows to dissipate the heat from the sources without the need of liquid radiators with complex handling and maintenance.


“Jumbo core” liquid optical fiber

The laser emission is conveyed in a liquid optical fiber characterized by a 8 mm “jumbo” core that allows to radiate effectively a large surface, avoiding the losses caused by the use of defocusing lenses.


Temperature sensor

The innovative handpiece has a light guide that permit a quick view of the treatment point and a thermal sensor (°C) that allows the operator to control the evolution of the inflammatory processes of the underlying tissue in real time.

Design & Innovation

Innovative design and complying with the most stringent usability criteria characterize the HighTherapy 5 Chronic laser.

Resistant and biocompatible materials.

External structure in water-painted polyurethane with a ceramized finish to guarantee strength and surprising lightness as well as easy cleaning.

Display & Interface


10.2" color TFT display that allows the operator to view all the useful parameters during treatment.
The software is intuitive and allows the operator to quickly set the delivery parameters.


The operator can select preset programs or create and save its own customized programs.

Safety guaranteed

Security is guaranteed by a “watch dog” system which constantly monitors that the software is working properly.
The software design was conducted in compliance with the IEC 62304: 2006 standard to guarantee stability and security.

Display & Interface


  • Power
    34 Watt
  • Wavelengths
    650, 785, 810, 975, 1064 nm
  • Duty cycle
  • Essential performances
    17000 mJ
  • Number of sources
  • Source type
    Semiconductors GaAIAs
  • Spot
    16 cm2
  • Display
    TFT 10.2"
  • Removable optical fiber
  • Medical device
    Class IIb according to 93/42/CE